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Picture for a moment a lonely Prince travelling through time and space meeting a variety of interesting people, each living alone on their one person planet. A businessman who banks the stars instead of money. The conceited man who craves somebody to refresh his self esteem. A solitary King delighted to see a subject for the first time in years. The bitchy and venomous snake that has the last laugh…

This intriguing, and often funny, plot is choreographed to a beautiful sound track written by local composer Mark Lowman and will appeal to would-be time travellers of all ages.


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As we return to the Teign Valley Community Hall for our 2024 production we are proud to present a play that we believe will appeal to an audience of all ages.

First published in 1943, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, on which the stage play is based, is, according to Wikipedia, the second-best selling fiction book of all time – with over 200 million sales worldwide.

Saint-Exupery probably meant it as a children’s book which has much to teach adults if they are prepared to listen. The production is a challenge for the set designer and directors. During the course of the play The Prince travels ‘Doctor Who-like’ through time and space to several planets each of which harbours someone imprisoned by a particular human vice or folly. The vanity of a ruler, a businessman motivated by money, an alcoholic shrouded in self pity, are a sample of the characters that help to develop the theme.

The strongest message of all is that a child has the gift of spontaneous, intuitive understanding of what really matters in the world. Grown-ups have lost the habit of imagination and waste time adding figures, making wars, accumulating possessions, and taking themselves too seriously.

Mark Lowman is busy composing music for us. We have designed a new and original set and we hope that you will be as charmed and intrigued by this story as we are.

Performances start at 19.30 on Thursday 25th, Friday 26th and Saturday 27th April. And to make sure the opportunity is open for all there is a matinee starting at 14.30 on Saturday 27th April.



Tickets are £8 for adults and £5 for children and are available from the Little Box Office.

You can take the risk of paying on the door but the best seats will be reserved for bookings made online or via a visit or call to:

Anne at The Teign House Inn on 01647 252286.

Please call Anne at The Teign House on the number above if you have any special seating requirements.